Sponsors Take Note:  Everyone can be a Sponsor......  To start...we feed everyone inside after....this started this way and I intend to keep it this way.
It'll be a challenge this coming year but I'm convinced our sponsors will step up to the plate.....and I wont let them down.

People this is  " OUR 88 ACRE PARK  ",    we saved it from closure together  and now....we can move forward to Make it even Better. The Million Dollar Carousel isn't a Dream
it's a Vision of Mine in Motion, I introduced the first Carousel ( The New York Carousel ) to the Park but the owner wanted to only be open on Week Ends..Wrong !  The Carousel Fund Drive will take maybe 5-7 years but it will be the greatest, and open everyday you're there the way it Should Be ! 
 Double click on any  Sponsors Banners to learn how they can help you !
Let's hear from  You The 2019 Sponsor Request form below can be used for Sponsor Requests, Questions, or merely your Comments and Input.  Give time for a reply as the requests and individual answers may take a little time.  Sponsors have already said " You out did, all our expectations ! "  One Hand Shakes The Other.....I know.....I'm a Sponsor and wants Nothing Less.  Let's Talk !   Wayne
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