Holtville Visions

Holtsville has been my town for over twenty seven years . I believe we all
can make a difference...just stop looking at it, and see it through. I believe there are a lot of residents who would like to but need to meet those who
actually get dirty and make it happen. Too many people think someone else should do it and it never materializes. I'm happy to say more and more residents are looking to make a difference today and see the change
tomorrow. Holtsville never had a " Welcome " sign from the L.I.E., it was
an image of litter and over grown grass. I took it on several years ago,
designing the sign, and adopting the entire " Plantation " as I now call it.
A handful of friends helped. One neighbor offered the much needed water
during draughts and I bought over 400 feet of garden hose to saturate
the grounds when needed. Tons of top soil, and mulch were added, and
to the worn out sand there. Then one small flat after another were added.
Unfortunately one evening someone took out all the plants that grew in
size. The area I mowed, picked up and despite the loss...continued forward slowly but surely to what you see today. Two major vehicle accidents there recently have put the project on hold, but once again, it will come
back to life. News 12 this winter referred to it as a "Beautiful Sign " when
they got stuck in the snow storm there......" Thank You !! "
If you wish to offer your time to help in seeing visual changes in our town
E-mail me at: buildingonvision@aol.comWayne Carrington
After a forth accident at this corner, that the driver hit the South post of the sign and then taking off undetected except for all the vehicles pieces laying all about and color samples left behind, I completely refurbished the strength of the foundation and the frame.  Then repainted the lettering. It will soon be  back welcoming everyone to Holtsville "The Home of Groundhog Day"
         In hearing that they are in the process of creating the movie  "SHARKNADO 5 ",  Holtsville the Home of Groundhog Day prepares  to fend off any Shark Attacks possibly headed our way with our friends from the American Museum of Natural History and the Dinosaurs in....... " Night at The Museum " !
Long Island Avenue entering Holtsville was being " Cared for " by Uncaring individuals who I approached year after year to edge the curbs and keep it neatly cut so that entering Holtsville from Holbrook in the West would give a " welcoming " atmosphere. Promise after promise to edge the curbs etc. ended being lip service.  So... look at it now.....it's being done with care and it looks
the way it should. I do it !  Cut with my 3rd lawn mower and Husquavana professional weed wacker I bought to get it done...right ! I didn't do West of the Nichols Road over pass on purpose to see how " They do it ! "  Now if only neighbors would also step out everywhere and pick up the garbage !  I'm not the maid .  Give Back.....it feels good....it's a good investment ! You Live here ! 
What you are looking at is the entrance to Holtsville from Holbrook along Long Island Avenue from the Nichols Road overpass . First and foremost....why do we accept this and allow the grass to grow like this and yet pay taxes to a company that fails to maintain this.  One day I spotted men cutting the median West of Nichols Road overpass.  I noticed where they
had just cut was grass ends still uncut....and over a foot tall.  I asked the men about all the uncut grass they had just passed over. I then asked about the cutting blades. The worker and I looked at the blades...…..I ran my hand across the
blades, they were as rounded as a metal rod....no cutting edge.  Ready for this......The worker said " The boss does not know
how to sharpen the blades ".  Fact  
For Both Farmingville and Holtsville Holiday Tree lighting I gave hundreds of replacement tree lights, and gave all new LED lights when they came out to put even more lights on and save energy doing it.....Then year after year give thousands of candy canes to give everyone at the " Tree Lightings ".   Wanna Help ????!
Simply fill out the
sponsor request form.....on the Sponsor page...Let's get you started today.  Make a difference no matter how small. Take that first step....You will  feel good!
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