Brass Ring

The Carousel called now " JANE'S CAROUSEL " that you are looking at was rescued from certain destruction to never be seen or enjoyed by children or their families again. The Carousel was in an auction to be sold off piece by piece, to be divided into hundreds of little trophies, placed where ever the highest winning bidders  chose to put them. The rest of it probably would of been discarded in a dumpster, destroying it's history, it's contribution of historic education and enjoyment forever. But............
two people were at that auction and absolutely could not live with the fact this fantasy carousel that has delighted children and families was ending it's very existence forever before them. These two people changed history and bought the whole bring it back to an area of Brooklyn called Dumbo at the edge of the Brooklyn Bridge. The incredible amount of restoring work to each piece makes just seeing and knowing what it took to do a life long memory.
But don't just see it, ride it, show David & Jane Walentas who bought it on October 21, 1984 that you truly appreciate what they're been able to do over the years. It has 3 rows with 48 Exquisitely carved horses and 2 Chariots that was originally created by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company #61 in 1922 and running then in Youngstown Ohio.  It took Jane 16 years just to strip and re develope the original paint. She made it even more beautiful by adding expensive leafing and custom mirrors.  Jane if you didn't do wouldn't be a creation for children's lifelong memories....And was a real
pleasure to meet you this past summer after noon as you left the Carousel house .  Now....please join us for Groundhog Day !!!
Wouldn't it be great to see a fountain like this at the Holtsville Ecology Center.....this is the great Pineapple Fountain in Charleston South Carolina and yes kids you CAN go in it and get your feet wet on a hot summers day !
In the Movie Groundhog Day Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell sat on the bed relaxed trying to flip a deck of playing cards into into a Top Hat. The interesting thing is.....Where did they Get the Top Hat ?? Bill or her never wore one?!  Never bought one ?! …   Try is Relaxing !  LOL
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