The Ecology Center has become the place to be, it offers educational programs and events for
all ages. Large and small corporations along with residents have found the grounds as a perfect backdrop to success with their events. The dedicated staff take much pride in making every event increasingly better each and every year.
If you haven't joined in the Winter's Christmas Tree Lighting with Santa flying above to meet and greet the children and viewed the
Festive Holiday displays be sure to mark your calendars now. And yes.....Winter is the stage for the proud Holtsville residents for all Suffolk County residents on February 2nd to bundle up and witness the Great Prognosticator Holtsville Hal, presented to all, by Greg Drossel and the Mayor of the Day ! And the hot drink of the event is " HALuccino " !
The Adopt an Animal Program runs 365 days, allowing each child or family, or sponsor
the opportunity to become a vital part in the veterinarian care and special dietary feeding process of each of the individual animals in the zoo. The animal sponsorship, funds your favorite furry friend with the supplies and items needed for a healthy happy life.  Please consider being a sponsor today and be a part of the future tomorrow. Click on this link -

In 2013 this billboard, websites, e-mails and one on one mass communications brought together residents and friends from as far as Australia together to stand up and
be counted in petitions saving the Holtsville Ecology Center and Wild Life Preserve......We
offered a plan to help pay our way to return the park to us and Won.......with the
minimal fees during the summer the park will succeed and be there for your children's children in years to come.  Thank You for understanding and strong support ! And yes the clock in the Holtsville Post Office is Victoria at the center for you to visit and be proud of.  .................HOLTSVILLE, NY  the......... " Home of Groundhog Day  "  !!
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